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8 years ago @ayomitideisaacoyedepo and I got married. 8 years after, 4 children after, pursing Destiny, and there are no regrets. Still in love, still romantic, still play, still date, and a lot young
Kill my flesh break my desire let me die to self so your name shall be glorified in me #spiritual #faith #disability #Positive #God #grace #pray #prayers #praying #amen #believe #christian #bible #
These last few years have taught me that very few things are an actual "NEED" 98% of things I just flat out want, or think we "DESERVE" 🙄 . Food, shelter, clothing.. are NEEDS. Wants are.. anything ot
{30 Days of Gratitude 4/30} Thankful for the little things that brighten each day....fallen leaves that are scattered like jewels, the sun streaming out of billowing clouds, the clear blue of the sky.


Hope that everyone in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I am thankful for my wife, my boys, my friends, my family and all of my friends on Flickr. Much peace, love and happiness to

Thankful ...

I have just GOT to remember how blessed I was with these great migrating warblers right out front in God's garden playing in the sprinklers before my accident. This was a GREAT life bird for me ... r


Whether or not you celebrate Thankgiving Day, we each have much to be thankful for, so often people or things we take for granted... Have a wonderful, safe Holiday...or just an awesome day! :-)


I wanted to participate in a project. I am not sure if I will actually do 52 of these photos, but I will try. I have decided not to actively participate in 52 Blessings, but I will post images and e


The view from along the trail at the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve in Wells, Maine. There is a birdwatching platform well hidden in those trees. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! "For the beauty of t


%u201CIt isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.%u201D Unknown

thankful... is American Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. I have four amazing children and a wonderful family and we're all healthy. I have a loving and supportive relationship that put