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Yeah not gonna lie I did this for sure... ~The Brbishop🎺 - - - #band #bandmeme #bandmemes #meme #memes #music #musicmeme #musicmemes #jazz #jazzband #concertband #marchingband #marchingbands #marchin
Hello! I’m on the east coast and I brought a lil drumsynth I made with my project @seamosspdx I’ll be playing a collab noise set with @yegglet tomorrow night (12/19) at Trixies in Allston, MA. DM for
Rehearsal Video: Castle 2018 . Castle has had a flute solo every year since before I’ve been in high school. . What’s your favorite soloist instrument? Comment below!


The image is shape-repetition because there is multiple circles which are the drums and mallets repeating throughout the picture. There is also light-combination because I had natural light from the


I haven't uploaded anything for quite a while (well, at least by my standards) so I felt as though I needed to. This is part of my birthday gift from my mother. The seed/beed type things look a bit li


Animation musicale la Mdiathque du village. L'histoire de la cration des Steel-Bands et dmonstration en musique. C'est gnial ! Sous ce lien voir : -steel-band de M