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A moment of complete silence. Took some days off from here, from the phone and screens. Got some well-needed break from social media. it made me realize that it can be a struggle to take a step back,
"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” . . 📷 @fajarwijaksana27 . Bracelet from @rdnb.co_ "Garuda Faded" #rdnbweartohelp #rdnbpicteveryday #rd

Un pezzo di autunno

Ci sono poche cose che mi piacciono come l'autunno e i suoi colori. Oggi mentre stavo lavorando alla tesi ho scoperto un piccolo paradiso autunnale, non potevo non fermarmi per coglierne un pezzo. Fa

Neskowin, Oregon

Bright afternoon sun filters through the clouds and mist that were pouring off of the coastal mountains and into the ocean. Connect with me! Instagram: @brianstowell Tumblr: @brianstowell Facebook: /