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°˖✧ ೃ༄——— a day with hoseok! collab with @molienapple 💚 the layout of this was so poorly planned wkdjks. i thought this spread would look prettier in my head.. guess i thought wrong 😰 [ #kpopjournal #


giornalisti...dietro le sbarre... ma dalla parte libera! Centro di detenzione per migranti "Matorral", Fuerteventura (Isole Canarie) journalists... behind the bars... but on the free side!


Kushtrim Krasniqi Today on 19.Nov. %u201908 in Prishtina it is held a protest against new plan of Ban Ki Mun (Secretary General of UN) which is another tentative for dividing Kosova, and making it un


International NGO experts from Oxfam, ActionAid and Greenpeace discussed civil society reflections on the first day of COP17, looked into challenges and expectations for outcome on Finance, and highli