Drummer hastag posts

Look what I got today! Super stoked about these. 24” Nostalgia Ride and 20” Origin Dark Ride. Thanks to Carl (@funkycarlo ), David and everyone at @mehmet cymbals for everything. #mehmet #cymbals #dru
Thank you to everyone streaming & sharing 'Tell Me Lies' The reaction has been amazing so far - feeling so grateful 🖤
My sister’s hobbies include constantly trying to scare me. Usually I get very startled but this time she was unsuccessful and I was not having it. I hate you @locomocologan


Two rastas with standard issue goatees in the park on Sunday in Kanagawa. They were rather good, if somewhat humourless.


Not sure if this is a Japanese or Korean drum group, but was part of the entertainment at the Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival, False Creek, Vancouver, BC


You could probably hear these guys a mile a way. On a random wednesday @ 4 pm in the afternoon, while I was taking my siesta, I was awoken to these dudes. It was the drums that got me up. It was the