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Just getting back into the real world @palazzoversace with @emilyatackofficial my new #girl #bff jb
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Mixed-media ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") on Bristol paper. Created using gesso, acrylic paint, archival ink and pencil crayon. Signed, dated and varnished. (sold)


Sue .....Kyn w Sue l BFF.....Kyn mog Sue %u0111%u1EEBng pn d Xk n%u1EEDa %u0110 ch%u0129 l q kh%u1EE9 thu Sue Sue ph%u1EA3i c%u1EEBi 1ng thic h%u1EE3p w mnh h%u01B0n Sue dth* tha ker s l%u1EA


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