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Since we've gained like 5000 people from when I posted this and also bc I'm not in a good enough place to find any new or relevant content, here is my dad dancing to My Blood like the bad he is, he's


free to use in your artwork, 3D texturing, attribution appreciated but not obligatory, commercial work OK


The Oregon Army National Guard 234th Band play at the grand opening of the Union Street Bridge that connects parks each side of the river in salem oregon.


The legs of this Canada goose were banded and branded! We often see this on the geese, my guess it is some kind of count to keep track on the numbers. They are not allowed to be killed but are fast

Banded Demoiselle

This and the preceding two shots were taken at a quiet spot on the Levels. I know how to get there but have no idea what it's called. Mapping will be approximate!